Us the Paleovenethians

Veneto s Region , expecially in our territory at the foothills ‘Pedemontana’, of Monte Grappa and Montello, is an ‘strange’ place, with an history of its kind .
An Ancient History, thousand of years and we want to share it with you.

Our ancestor were not the Flinstones but the Paleovenethians o Ancient Veneti ( Ἐνετοί in greek)

In these days Montebelluna’s Museum has placed on shows, for the first time to the general public,an exceptional find 3.500 years old.
A beautifully decorated ‘Situla’ -a bronze vessel- result of local digs in the ancient necropolis of Montebelluna city

ancient venetic alphabet

The Situla

with its engravings Tell us stories of men and womans of those times. Everydays lives.
Rituals and celebrations. A carts and horsemen parade, a boxing match and its prize, a busy banqueting, women at works spinning, stag haunting scenes, ploghing and many other part of life connected to the holy rituals

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