What to See Asolo

What to see in Asolo

The Civic Museum of Asolo,
closely connected to the city open spaces, the Museum houses a large archaeological section, the Art Gallery, the Treasure of the Cathedral
and a space dedicated to the illustrious people who lived in Asolo, from Queen Caterina Cornaro, to the British explorer and travel writer Freya Stark, to Eleonora Duse who lived here and here wanted to be buried. Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday 10-12 am / 3-7 pm – Phone: +39 (0)423/952313

Monumento funebre di Caterina Cornaro

Caterina Cornaro Last Queen of Cyprus tomb

The Rocca – Asolo Castle- Overlooking the old town of Asolo, the Rocca dominates the city from the top of Mount Ricco, an ideal place to enjoy a unique panorama that extends from the foothills to the north, to the Venice Lagoon to the south, clearly visible in early mornings. Opening hours: April to October: Sunday 10 am -7 pm (July and August closed between 12 pm and 3 pm) November to March: Sunday 10 am -5 pm

Caterina Cornaro Castle and Courtyard the Ancient Royal Palace of Catherine Cornaro, last  Queen of Cyprus , Daughter of Saint Mark and Lady of Asolo, this historic palace offers a wonderful view of the old town.
Nowadays, the castle host
the theatre named after Eleonora Duse.

‘La Bot’ Ancient Roman Aqueduct. The aqueduct La Bot -the cask- , which is linked to the

thermal baths, is an extremely valuable and very well preserved testimony from Roman times.
Still functional today, it feeds the Fontana Maggiore and its first section can be visited from Piazza Brugnoli, in the very hearth of (crammed) Asolo park space. B&B Asolo The perfect Asolo’s Tourism place even with a Bike

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The Civic Museum of Asolo

Catherine Cornaro

Eleonora Duse

Duse Theater ( formerly Cornaro’s Castle)