B and B Asolo Relax in Safety

B and B Asolo Relax in Safety

E tornare a viaggiare
E di notte con i fari illuminare
Chiaramente la strada per saper dove andare
Con coraggio gentilmente, gentilmente

This is an Old Battisti’s song (Keep On Cruising)– more  here –

B and B Asolo Relax in Safety

B&B Casapagnano  we are a bit old school.
We prefer sustainable, transparent tourism as a visible value.

A bit for those who know where to go, even in “these days”, so vaguely retro.
A little bit for those who still love to meet and travel, cum grano salis.

A little bit for us too, who want a certain safety for our own family .
A little for superstition, the common areas, all the rooms , and the breakfast area are ALWAYS -been- Sanitized .

Since a few years backs , not weeks, in our Bed and Breakfast We use Ozone treatment for Environments

natural methodology or technology , without harmful or aggressive gases , also used at an industrial level.

Basically, we make   this cute and buzzing device work in Every Room , Every Day.

B and B Asolo Relax in Safety

B and B Asolo Relax in Safety Ozone Theatement in Any Room, Dayly

Just to be all more conscius and for peace of mind. SO relaxed you can forget to mind about it ( i’ts the Dharma)

We are Open as Usual , same business times, same Tarifs too and same season ( till middle of Jannuary basically)

We are awating you, with or without your bikes, which you can safekeep and eventually repear

on  dedicated seclude garages, close by the always-open parking lot,  beside the B&B’s park.
All the hassle are on us, just relax , you are in B&B Asolo Casa Pagnano

So, ciao for now!

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