X-mas in Asolo or Cape North? -Fiat 500-

From Asolo to Cape North
to Santa Klaus

This Christmas ( Xmas 2014 ) the BB Asolo CasaPagnano bring you along the Big North roads in-between Miths and Legends.
With a bunch of tiny Fiat 500 we went to meet Santa Klaus along  our friends from  Hystorical Fiat 500 Club  of  CastelfrancoVeneto ( just 15 minutes driving south from Asolo )

In few days, Thursday 4th December,
the Review of this Great Adventure in still motion, pictures and videos.
Let’s the BB Asolo Casa Pagnano to invite you at the happing!
The venue is Teatro Accademico di Castelfranco Veneto , be there to see the unseen an hear the uneard.
Cape North and Santa Klaus from the Fiat 500 window..

BB Asolo Casapagano wishes you all the Merriest Christmas.