Asolo Open Garden Rosa Rosae

Asolo Open Garden Rosa Rosae

Asolo Open Garden Rosa Rosae

The Asolo section of Italia Nostra will present you a magnificent leisure and cultural opportunity on the 27th of May .
To visit the hidden gardens in Asolo, 4 Villas private Gardens

The Asolo’s private gardens will be open to the public on the 27th May Only
And you’ll be visiting them, guided along the Italia Nostra volounters free of charge

Asolo particulare microclimate, due it’s particular location, at the feet of Mount Grappa and facing the planes overlooking the Venice Lagoon ( in a clean day u can see Venice from up here) Gran Tour and touristic town since centuries Asolo Open Garden Rosa Rosae it’s really a unique opportunity to visit some otherwise hidden gems

Asolo Giardini Aperti Rosa Rosae

All of the 4 Villas that will be open to the  pubblic are in the city centre of Asolo, on the hills. So, naturalistic interest apart, for the roses and other rare flowers, and their architectures Villa La Cipressina, Ca’ Rossa e Casa Belvedere con Villa Rubini Il Galero have a lot of stories to tell.

So, come in Asolo Open Garden Rosa Rosae not just to sleep at our beautiful bed and Breakfast, but also to literally  walk in the Western  History, just strolling around in the town center and its parths ancd walks.

Just take Villa Galero, ‘il Galero’ formerly Villa Rubini, Naya, Dal Zotto, and today De Lord, gardens apart , it has all those lovely and fascinating ingredients for a big story, to live in person.

Built On the land bought by Rubini Family , a Venetian family in the ‘Shorts ring’ –Curti– (an Serenissima definition for the Nobles that came in Venice to live, but not of Venetian Origins- As opposite at the LongsLonghi’) originary from Bergamo – Still Venetians  territory at those times.-
To build their Villa in  Asolo, wich also had title of Royal Court site ( see Cornaro Caterina) those times, with the leftover  stones of the..Rocca ( that building atop the town looking as a Castle…)

So century goes on , buildings chages, the Rocca remain-lukily- untuched, so the Villas inhabitants. Amid the most notorius Owner of it Gian Francesco Malipiero, musicist, the first Photographer rised to poplularitity Carlo Naya, most of late ‘800 pictures of Venice are  been made by hime, as the importsat work on the Scrovegni Chapel , with Giotto painting in , also near, city of Padua.

Then the Sculptors Antonio Dal Zotto, autor of the Carlo Goldoni statue in campo S.Bartolomeo di Venice, and the Titian monument now in Titian Pieve di Cadore hometown. To then pass over the actual ownerd the Da Lord  Family

And also the other Villas, close by the Villa Barbaro, Villa Emo, and 2, 3km north from our bed and breakfast the museum and home of another sculptor, Antonio Canova. ever heard of him?

So, pop in Asolo, maybe have a Stay at B&B Asolo ( our B and B ) in your Car, or bike and then  be in Asolo Hills and surrounding, you too can be History ( free park and wi-fi at our B&B)  :).