Treviso Ostiglia Bikeway

Treviso Ostiglia Bikeway

Treviso Ostiglia Bikeway

Works on Treviso Ostiglia Bikeway are finally over.

It’a a Fantastic Opportunity for Bike Tourists, almost 120 KM , fully setted, safe and comfty, without  engaging rises

But just mildly decline slopes, from here at BB Asolo to Treviso and then Ostiglia ( which is in Mantua )

The Treviso Ostiglia Bike Parth it’s very important as a Junction of others  Cycle Ways, toward Treviso
there are interchange ( cross?)  with the Sile River  GreenWay, aka  GiraSile and it’s Oasis

And from there toward the sea and beaches, Jesolo, Cavallino-Treporti, Lido of Venice, Pellestrina and Chioggia and southbound till the  Po river delta 

A very Beatiful natural path, even by walk, better in bike or roller ( Pls mind that NOT all the path is suitable for rollers) sure,
which does start just off our front door ( well, almost ) at BB Asolo as we told you here   to get till the Sile River and it’s Park /Oasis -info-  to Cervara Oasis and then down till Mantua, in a very relaxed way.


Pista Ciclabile Treviso Ostiglia

Treviso Ostiglia Bikeway, as said it’s mostly also suitable for skaters, and perfectly set to welcom you, your family all along with very little programming and planning needed, as we are set here at BB Asolo, with safe keeping  area for bikes and rooms to do your bicycle some TLC and mainteinance by the way. Proper structures for bikers and breakfast too.

The bike-path or tour of Asolo and then tru the Treviso-Ostiglia bikeway does start from the Ezzelini bike path, here in Pagnano d’Asolo these the pics we took for you in autumm .

The actual Treviso_ostiglia do run Over an Old Dismissed Military Raylway, something dating back to ‘800. So great benefit to environment also.
At this Link  ( out of our site ) the bikeway RoadBook and many Maps files format.
Here instead a Zip from us with ViewPoint  and GPS  for Treviso Ostiglia Bikepath.

What else? Any question is welcome here at BB Asolo Tourism, expecially from our Cyclotourists

Ciao for now 🙂