Asolo biscuits

Asolo Biscuits

Asolo Biscuits

Our much sought after traditional Asolos Biscuit, baked in our ( also yours, if you know how to run it) wooden fired oven.asolo bisquit

Mouth watering simples and fragrants. Perfect for a breakfast ( yes we’ll give u same ) and even to take away for your day trips ( ok we’ll give you more…) before getting back home, here at Bed and Breakfast.
Forget energy bars and sort, while cycling around Asolo Hills, and the nearby ( 500 mt) Prosecco’s road. Or maybe climbing with your Bike the Mount Grappa.  Our Buiscuits and cakes it’s all you’ll need.
Asolo bisquit , baked

Our great Breakfast will fill you up ( look for our Review Score on booking .com ) for the most of the day.

Having you to tour all Colli Asolani and their Villas and Museums  nearby on your bycicle, as you’ll tour in Prosecco Farms cellars or just touring our little park, even walking 🙂 north italy tourism
Or just Exploring the hidden Outlets here around, Alpinestars, TheNorthFace, and more, many more, we’ll give you tips. Our Breakfast also cater for special needs, Glutem Free, Vegetarian and on, so please let us know it in advance, dropping a line trought the contact form here.

As we say ‘it’s tradition to break traditions’ so here the quick recipe of our Biscottis :

Wheat flour, butter, egs ( our chickens know theyr stuff) , milk, baking sodas, vanilla sugar,
for decoration purpose whipped egg yolk and granulated sugar…and you are done, well, almost .