Giuseppe Bernardi Torretto

Giuseppe Bernardi Torretto

Giuseppe Bernardi  Torretto

Giuseppe Bernardi also said Torretto, who’s him?
bernardi il torretto

Born in Pagnano d’Asolo, where we are
the 24th of March 1694 . Soon in early years he followed his uncle Giuseppe Torretto the sculptor,  in Venice
Mainly working in Venice, statues by him can be found in the churches of Santa Maria Formosa, I Gesuiti Santa Maria di Nazareth and San Stae among others. The side walls of the Manin Chapel at Udine have stone high-reliefs by him showing scenes from the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He also founded a notable studio, which was kept going after his death by his grandchildren Giuseppe Bernardi  ‘our Man’
Amid the 1766 and 1768 he came back to Pagnanoto work on villa Falier Sculptures at Pradazzi d’Asolo. In this Circumstance he ( Giuseppe Bernardi) was given a young boy to train, Antonio Canova from Possagno whom was 9 years old at those times.
Our Man here was also uncle and trainee of Giovanni Ferrari sculptor of Crespano del Grappa , at Mount Grappa feet. The Sculptor of Villa Manin statues, at those time within Veneto dominion, also the villais  famous for being been the place of Treaty of Campo Formio.

So, reassuming, and giving you some tips for a nice walk of bike tour from our BB Asolo
toward the Canova Mueseum Foundation are about 5,4 Km 

From Canova’s Museum to Crespano del Grappa, Ferrari’s Sculptures, another 5,7 Km then back ‘home here at BB Asolo, where you’ll make base with your bycicles, another 6,1 Km

Then a total of 11 Kms, (ONLY)  to ride, or walk with three very ( very) pleasant stages,to ride, to walk.