Asolo antique Market

Asolo Antique Market

Asolo Antique Market Every second Sunday of the month (except July and August) since 1976, the antique market -Christmas time too- has taken place.

Mercatino Asolo

Furniture, jewellery, Silverware, prints and books, modern art and general objects,
are exposed along the streets of the old town centre.
Asolo Antique Market an ideal place for early birds bargain and lovely breakfast, given you, like us, are there at 7 a.m (!!) Just to bring home a very vintage chair or an shapka  Christmas it’s closeas the winter is..

Mercatino AsoloAll nice shops are open, as bars, Deli shops  and restaurants are. So many in the hearth of Asolo.

Please mind parking: it’s sort of an hell to park in Asolo during weekdays, let alone weekends, but  in markets day it simply impossible!.

So , why to do not take advange for a stroll from Our Bed and Breakfast till Town Centre?
Google Maps say’s it just  2,7 Km… -or 1.68 miles-

Otherwise  u can get the Bus shuttle to Asolo city center , but you’ll have to drive  till Ca’ Vescovo  a 5 Km drives…. We let you do the math in miles.

so all in one a very easy and enjojable trip, either for business or relaxing romantic tourism.

B&B Asolo  is the right place, with plenty of room in ..the rooms, for parking, and secured box  for motorbike and bikes.