Asolo Ancient Markets

Asolo Ancient Markets

Late June happening! A sought after touristic opportunity in Asolo Hills.
A Two days date Asolo Ancient Markets , middle age actors, extras, costumes in the Ancient Market of dAsolo

Asolo Ancient Markets

Jokers, archers, jester and cross bowers, musicians and period-workshop to whole family

In the city of late Freya Stark and Robert Browning, the famous and ancient market with historical reenactments.

The Ezzelino battles, the same  whom bikeway has been name after,that start here in Asolo to Treviso -Ostiglia, and the Catapult.

The musical Instruments and scores of those Times at Asolo Ancient Markets , till very late.
Also, Music talking, in nearby House of Common the 21 Malipiero Concerti it will run for all the two days happening, with music of Bruni, Brahms, nand Mozart.
Plus the side events, the fights!, the Lectures of local medical Plats n Herbs ( well, in italian.. but u never know ) Flag-weawers, ancients games and plays, all safes, and the Women Palio.
All Open to public, for free, as we like to share  . A different ways to intend tourism, slow one. Amid the wine roads of Prosecco and other local Wines Montello and  Colli Asolani,

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